A Walkable, Bikeable, Transit-accessible Airport

Level of Effort: 10 minutes, at home in your PJs
Deadline: Sun 8/15

Imagine grabbing a bite at a cafe on Crystal Drive, then strolling over to the airport to catch a flight. Imagine biking to the airport without using the twisty-turny-crashy Crystal City underpass. Imagine it being easy to get to DCA without a car - where you easily arrive on foot, on a bike, on MetroRail, on a scooter, on MetroBus, on VRE, Amtrak and more.

That vision can become a reality as part of the CC2DCA connector which could better connect National Airport to the Mt. Vernon Trail, VRE, MetroRail, MetroBus and Crystal City.  This project is about to begin the environmental process which begins with the "Purpose and Need" statement for the project - any future designs and alternatives will be weighed against how well they accomplish this purpose and need, so it's important to get it right.  

Suggested Feedback

We think it is critical that the connector:

  • Support both walking AND biking
  • Connect directly to the Mt. Vernon Trail via ADA-compliant ramps (not just an elevator)
  • Connect diretly to the new VRE Station (& potential future Amtrak station)
  • Be a bridge, not a tunnel
  • Be convenient to MetroWay & the new Crystal City Metro 2nd Entrance

Keep these few key points in mind as you navigate the oddly complicated, yet relatively short survey.