Building Back Better in Arlington: a CIP Blueprint for Sustainable Mobility

Level of Effort: 5 minutes, at home in your PJs
Deadline: Monday 6/21 11:59pm

As we come out of the pandemic, Arlington is at a transportation cross-roads.  We have 8.5 years left to cut global emissions by 45% to hold the rise in global temperatures.  Commuting patterns are in flux.  Arlingtonians want to walk & bike more - 53% of area residents surveyed said they expect to walk more after the pandemic; 26% said they expect to bike more.

Arlington is about to adopt their capital plan for the next 3 years and we have a blueprint to Build Back Better.

How do we build back better?

  1. Fund Vision Zero - If people don’t feel safe walking, biking or getting to transit, they won’t do it.
  2. Speed up our Transit - Arlington's buses sit in traffic and have long, slow boarding processes. We must speed up our transit to make it time-competitive with driving. This will maximize Arlington's return on its transit investment and attract more riders.
  3. A Safe Route to Every School - Schools not only serve their students, staff & families, but also host community meetings, sports games, & camps and are neighborhood parks. It should be safe and easy for people of all ages to walk and bike to every school in Arlington. Every “reduced walk zone” is a failure of street design. Despite this, the County proposes to phase out its Safe Routes to School Capital Program.
  4. Build out the Bike Network for All-Ages & Abilities - Standard bike lanes are for the confident & fearless, we need protected bike lanes and trails to make biking work for everyone. Arlington has a great new bike plan, we need to fund implementation!
  5. Expand & Connect the Trail Network - Trails are the “gateway drug” for biking & walking. People get started recreationally on trails & then realize that they can use those same routes to walk & bike for errands or work. Arlington residents ranked paved multi-use trails as their most needed facility - 87% indicating a need for more trails.

For each of those five key priorities, we are proposing four projects or programs for inclusion in the CIP - everything from Transit Signal Priority to speed up our buses to Protected Bike Lanes on N Highland St in Clarendon. Want the details? See our summary here or check out our full plan slide deck for details and then customize & send an email to the County Board using our handy tool below!

Take Action

Our handy form below will send an email on your behalf directly to the County Board.  Tips for a great email:

  1. Non-customized emails get counted, customized emails get read - if you have time to customize the email it triples your impact.
  2. Make it personal - if there's a specific project or program in our CIP proposal that would change your life for the better, talk about it!