We're Going Bigger!

Level of Effort: You choose
When: This year

While we dream of doing advocacy around walking, biking and transit, the limitations of our volunteers’ time and expertise means we’ve largely been limited to sending out our weekly biking advocacy newsletter, with little organized advocacy or communication around walking or transit. It’s time for that to change.

This year we are kicking-off a capacity-building effort here at Sustainable Mobility for Arlington County. Our advocacy ambitions have always been bigger than a weekly newsletter and we’re taking steps this year to work toward becoming an organization that can achieve them.

Our goals this year: recruit a kick-ass volunteer board of directors, incorporate as a 501c4 advocacy organization, get a bank account, plan and execute a fundraiser, and send out at least one action alert or standalone “three things” newsletter on pedestrian or transit issues to start moving toward addressing all 3 modal pillars of our organization.

If you are passionate on sustainable mobility issues and are willing to help out, we would love to hear from you - just shoot us an email. We are looking for new volunteers across a range of commitment levels - from board members to newsletters contributors to folks willing to help out with events like our first fundraiser.

Three Things for Better Biking has accomplished amazing things over the last year (check out all of our wins from 2020!) - we look forward to bringing the same energy and expertise to improving walking & transit while taking our bike advocacy efforts to the next level.