Sustainable Mobility for Lee Highway

Level of Effort: Choose Your Own Adventure
Deadline: Varies

The next planning & potential redevelopment frontier for Arlington is Lee Highway.  A Bold Vision for Lee Highway is moving forward and YOU need to shape it into a place where people can get to school, shopping, parks & work safely and sustainably.

The County has broken down the conversation about Lee Highway into five geographic areas, listed below.  Each area has two public virtual meetings - one where the public cannot participate (skip this one) and one where the public CAN participate.  In addition, for those who cannot (or don't want to) attend the virtual meeting, there is an online feedback tool that launches after the public meeting is over.  This action alert is "choose your own adventure"-style.  If you'd like to dive in deep, attend the community meeting for as many areas as interest you.  If you'd like the quick version, jump into the online feedback tool for the areas that most interest after the meeting has passed.

Geographic Areas with Virtual Meeting Info:

Suggested Feedback:

Since the concepts are slowly trickling out, we are still formulating detailed feedback, but here are some high-level points that are almost certain to be applicable. Lee Highway needs to become the kind of place where people can walk & bike to meet most of their daily needs and with public transit to handle the trips that can't be satisfied locally.  To support that we need:

  • Mixed Use Zoning to allow the nearby retail that folks need to survive.
  • Sufficient population to support that retail, as well as sufficient population to support quality transit - both require significant height & density.
  • Walking & biking infrastructure - great sidewalks, trails & protected bike lanes that are safe, comfortable and convenient.
  • Buildings forms that embrace walkability - you shouldn't have to cross a parking lot to get to the store.
  • An economically viable plan that will actually make redevelopment likely.  Without redevelopment, Lee Highway will remain stuck in its current car-focused pattern.

Additionally, areas adjacent to the Custis Trail, particularly the Lyon Village Shopping Center area are prime locations for "Trail-Oriented Development"

TAKE ACTION now by joining one of the above meetings or jumping into the online engagement forms once they are posted, or learn more about the Lee Highway Planning Process here.