Home Stretch: Pershing Drive & the Arlington Blvd Trail

Level of Effort: 5 minutes, at home in your PJs
Deadline: Friday 5/7 11:59pm

We're entering the final stretch of planning the Day's Inn site at the corner of Pershing Drive & Arlington Blvd.  The draft final study document is up and open for comment and we think a few final edits will make sure that when this development comes in for approval we are equipped to make it an asset to sustainable mobility in the area.

Because of your feedback over the last few months, the draft document calls for the future development to:

  1. Remove the access road & replace it with an upgraded (12' minimum width) Arlington Blvd Trail with more trees & landscaping to buffer the trail from highway traffic.
  2. Consider upgrading the Pershing Drive bike lanes to Separated Bike Lanes
  3. Upgrade the bus stop on the property to be fully accessible and improve signage.
  4. Improve sidewalks & pedestrian crossings in the vicinity.

Suggested Feedback

To make supporting our comments easier, we have included all of our comments in a single entry on the cover page of the draft document.  Just click on that comment in the feedback tool, click the "like" button under it, and reply to the comment stating your agreement (feel free to add additional comments there, if desired!).

  • All references to "separated bike lanes" should be replaced by "protected bike lanes" to reflect the County's commitment to an all-ages and abilities bikeway network.
  • The language around extending the Pershing Drive protected bike lane should be strengthened from "could" to "should".
  • The language about upgrading the on-site bus stop should be expanded to indicate that not only should the bus stop be made fully-accessible, it should receive a bench and shelter.
  • Design guidance should be added to provide "eyes on the trail" to improve safety by providing features such as windows, balconies, and residential entrances that directly abut the trail.
  • Design guidance should be added to encourage "trail-oriented retail", particularly engaging with the new planned open space at the corner of Arlington Boulevard and Pershing Drive.