PBLs for 19th St N in Rosslyn

Level of Effort: 5 minutes, at home in your PJs
Deadline: Wednesday 1/13

Back in 2019, the County was looking for final feedback on their Core of Rosslyn Transportation Study.  We (and you) let them know that one of the only weak links in an otherwise great plan was the lack of protected bike lanes (PBLs) on 19th St N - a critical east-west corridor with an important central location within Rosslyn.  The study had started off proposing PBLs in both directions on 19th, then backed it off to an eastbound PBL and then ultimately called for NO bike facilities on 19th St due to concerns about their impact on the flow of cars in Rosslyn.  Unfortunately, the County did not change the plan to call for PBLs on 19th, but did make it clear that those facilies were desired but said their implementation was not "feasible until additional space can be integrated into the street cross section through redevelopment".

GOOD NEWS, the RCA building, directly adjacent to one of these two important blocks of 19th St is seeking approval for redevelopment.  Tell the county that NOW is our chance to right-size the right-of-way on 19th St to support this critical piece of bike infrastructure.  19th St N is important for future bike flow because 1) the far east end of 19th St N is slated to get a brand new connection to the Mt Vernon Trail and 2) the future Lynn St protected bike lane will be one way (southbound) so cyclists will need conveniently located east-west connection to Ft Meyer Drive (which will have a 2-way facility) in order to travel north.  It needs bike facilities that work for all ages and abilities.

Suggested Feedback

Protected Bike Lanes are needed on 19th St N.  According to the Sector Plan, 19th St is expected to eventually connect directly to the Mt Vernon Trail which will generate additional bike traffic.  The only eastbound low-stress bike facility called for in the Core of Rosslyn Study is the Custis Trail.  Due to the 1-way nature of the future Lynn St PBL, having multiple east-west connections in Rosslyn is important so that people can get over to Ft Myer Drive to travel north.  The Core of Rosslyn study specifically notes that protected bike facilities on 19th are not feasible until "additional space can be integrated into the street cross section through redevelopment".  This development is our only opportunity to "right-size" the right-of-way on 19th St to allow this critical bicycle facility, do not let is pass us by.