Boathouse Trail Impacts

The National Park Service has, for many years, been studying the best location for a Boathouse in Arlington. They have finally released their draft Environmental Assessment and the preferred alternative consists of a "Lower Boathouse" featuring a dock and boat storage which would be on the shoreline near the Roosevelt Island Parking Lot and an "Upper Boathouse" featuring office space, locker rooms, restrooms, and space for education and outreach which would be immediately adjacent to the Mt. Vernon Trail at the "Intersection of Doom" (Lee Hwy and Lynn St) in Rosslyn.

This Boathouse configuration will bring significant new traffic to this section of the Mt. Vernon Trail which is already overburdened with over 2,000 bikes and pedestrians a day. NPS is currently accepting comments on their Environmental Assessment. Let them know that any boathouse construction MUST widen the trail between the Boathouses to safely accommodate the increased pedestrian traffic that the boathouses will bring. The best option would be to provide separate trail accommodations in this section to prevent pedestrian and bicycle conflicts.

Review the full Environmental Assessment if you'd like and then give your feedback to the National Park Service.