Bicycle Element Update Talking Points

As you're writing your personal testimony on Arlington's new Bicycle Master Plan, here are some points that we have identified that you may want to consider incorporating.

Broad Issues

  1. For infrastructure projects, the plan largely calls for "enhanced bicycle facilities" without defining what that means. While it may be best to wait until closer to project implementation to determine an exact design, we feel it is vital that the plan set a minimum acceptable facility for any major capital project. We think the plan should directly reference the NACTO Guidance for Selecting Appropriate Bikeway Types which is already incorporated into the Bicycle Element as Figure 4 in Appendix C as how to determine that "minimum acceptable facility".
  2. There has been a lot of push back on the trail projects in the plan around environmental concerns. On that front, we feel: 1) the plan is already moving us forward dramatically on environmentally sustainability 2) the real environmental threat is cars and any environmental harm from paving trails will be offset be reduced carbon footprint 3) trails give people access to nature. They are a vital tool for building the next generation of environmentalists.
  3. The plan is only step 1. We need the County Board to COMMIT to this plan. To FUND this plan. To NOT BACK DOWN from this plan in the face of "parking concerns" or "traffic concerns".

Specific Issues

  1. Some of the most dangerous areas in the plan (the "Intersection of Doom" / Lee Highway and Lynn St as well as Shirlington Rd by the Weenie Beenie ) call for "studying" a solution. The plan needs to be clear that based on the results of that study, a solution must actually be built!
  2. Add a project along Army Navy Drive South of Joyce to connect to new Army Navy Emergency Access Road/Gunston Middle School, etc
  3. Address parking in bike lanes
  4. Trail Spur to Connect the W&OD to Carlin Springs Rd
  5. Provide access through nature on the Glencarlyn/hospital site
  6. Solution for Alcova Heights / circulation around Foreign Affairs Training Center