A Low-Stress, Bike-able Rosslyn: It's Achievable, but We Need to Ask for it!

Imagine a Rosslyn of the future with a connected network of protected bike lanes on all of the major streets getting you to your job, your house, the Custis Trail, Iwo Jima, or the Mt Vernon Trail. The Core of Rosslyn Transportation Study is our chance to make that vision a reality! The County's most recent proposal is tantalizingly close, but it needs a bit of work! Here's our take:

  1. 19th Street needs protected bike lanes in both directions from Ft Myer Drive to Lynn St. The Rosslyn Sector Plan calls for a new connection to the Mt Vernon Trail at the far east end of 19th Street. It is vital that a first-class bike facility exist on 19th Street to get people to and from that new trail connection.
  2. Wilson Blvd needs protected bike lanes from Oak St to Arlington Ridge Road. This is the main East-West route through Rosslyn and an extremely stressful street to bike on. Additionally, significant pick-up and drop-off occurs which would lead to frequent conflicts for unprotected bike lanes.
  3. If Ft Myer Drive and Lynn street's protected bike lanes are, as proposed, at sidewalk level then the design must be bold and clear that this area is for bikes. It must be unmistakable and obvious using multiple visual and tactile indicators so as to avoid pedestrian conflicts.
  4. Any planning for this area, including this study, must reinforce that either grade separation or re-routing I-66 traffic entirely, are the ultimate fix for the Intersection of Doom.
  5. This ultimate design should feature "protected intersection" designs anywhere a protected bike lane intersects with another bicycle facility.

Read more about the Study and Concept Plan Here
See the detailed concept plans here (page 2: 2030 Concept 2)
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