Level of Effort: Parting with your hard-earned $$
Deadline: Sat 12/31 11:59pm

Sustainable Mobility for Arlington County launched, officially, in April of 2021. Our initial budget was set by the generous funds contributed to our launch GoFundMe. For us, 2022 is that critically important year where we have to find out if that budget is sustainable year to year.

We have big plans for 2023 & to achieve them we need to know we've got the financial resources to make them happen:

  • A Sustainable Schools campaign focused on improving transportation planning & operations at Arlington Public Schools
  • Pushing the County Forward on Safe Accommodations for Walking & Biking during construction
  • Setting the stage for a future rebuild of the Custis Trail
  • Continuing the two-way conversation with our members in on new Discord Community & establishing a new program for our most dedicated members who want to take their advocacy to the next level
  • Keeping the momentum on past campaigns that we got into the Capital Plan: the Arlington Blvd Trail, Kenmore Connector Trail, Protected Bike Lanes on Fairfax Drive, Vision Zero Quick Build projects, etc.

One of our Board Members has stepped up and agreed to match every donation from now until the end of 2022 until we meet our goal of $1,400. Your $1,400 + his $1,400 will get us to our budget goal for the year and set us up for continued success.

Together we've accomplished great things in 2022: big improvements to the Crystal City Bike Network, progress on Transit Signal Priority, great plans for Pentagon City, implementation of School Slow Zones, breaking ground on what will be an unrecognizably awesome Army Navy Drive, a much-improved plan for connecting the Bluemont Junction Trail as part of the Holiday Inn redevelopment, and more! Please give generously and help us keep the victories coming.