Level of Effort: 5 minutes, at home in your PJs
Deadline: Unclear. Why not respond today, just in case?

Arlington has kicked off a visioning process for Arlington called "Arlington 2050".  Right now they want you to "Imagine you live, work, and or play in Arlington in the year 2050—and you love it! What makes it great? What's new? What's the same? What does the ideal Arlington look like to you?" Hop into the County's quick form & share your postcard message from the future. How are you getting around?  Where do you live?  What are you doing?

A couple of examples to get your creative juices flowing:

Dear Sis, 

Life is good here in Arlington, Mom is settling in nicely. She's living comfortably in the little apartment we built in place of the garage; we didn't need the garage given how easy it is to get around Arlington walking, biking, and taking the bus.  She loves being able to see her grandkids every day, and walk with them to the playground.  She's taking the bus on Thursdays to play Euchre with a bunch of other seniors at the community center & making new friends. Most evenings we cook together and all eat as a family, but she's reserved Wednesdays to eat on her own; there's a bus that picks up just across the street that also stops right in front of the grocery store, she's enjoying still being able to make her own food choices, do her own shopping, and cook her own meals. She still misses Dad, but she hasn't lost any of her independence like you'd feared.  You should come visit - don't forget Amtrak runs trains up from Florida several times a day and there's a stop right here in Arlington.  Then it's a quick, simple bus ride straight to the house. Maybe in September? There's a concert here on the 18th, some band that the kids got Mom listening to.  Don't say you can't teach a dog new tricks.  Much love, hope to see you soon.  


Dear Sis,

Life is great here in Arlington. This neighborhood has everything I need - there are great restaurants everywhere, a great grocery store right downstairs, and the community center around the corner has all sorts of great classes. Even the neighborhoods that don't have lots of retail at least have a corner store or two, some medical offices, and a couple of restaurants - since nobody goes central offices anymore, people's lives revolve much more around what's available in their neighborhood and Arlington was great about making sure every neighborhood could provide for those sort of basic needs. Tonight we're going to bike down to the amphitheater and hear a concert out under the stars.  It's all the way on the other side of Arlington, but the trails here are extensive and every major street has safe, low-stress bike facilities.  Anyway, gotta run - Timmy will be getting home from school any minute now and he likes to tell me about all of the cool stuff he saw on his walk home.  He's such an independent and talkative 3rd grader! Much love, hope to see you soon.