After months of sustained advocacy, in November of 2021 the County announced that the majority of signals along Columbia Pike were being returned to automatic "pedestrian recall" operations.  In February of 2022, they announced that several intersections along Langston Boulevard would also be returned to automatic operations.  This move improves safety and speeds up walking trips!

Campaign Timeline

Beg Buttons Return

After being turned off during the COVID-19 pandemic, the County announces just in time for return to school that many traffic signals in the county will be returning to "actuation" mode where pedestrians must push the button in order to receive a walk signal to safely cross the street.

Modern Mobility: It's Not About Pushing the Button

SusMo President and Transportation Commission Chair Chris Slatt publishes an explainer on why pedestrian actuation is so problematic as part of his ARLNow column, Modern Mobility.

Action: Petition

SusMo launches our "Don't Make Pedestrians Beg" action alert to drive petition signatures for the return of automatic operation.

Twitter Videos

SusMo creates a series of videos for Twitter showing that the actuated operation that Arlington's Transportation Department implemented isn't even gaining additional time for car movements, it is just inconveniencing pedestrians.

Arlington Announces Return to Recall on Columbia Pike

Arlington announces that 20 signals along Columbia Pike will return to automatic operation for pedestrians.

Arlington Announces Return to Recall on Langston Boulevard

Arlington announces that 3 signals along Langston Blvd will return to automatic operation for pedestrians.