Level of Effort: 10 minutes, at home in your PJs
Deadline: Mon July 15th 5pm

In less than 2 weeks the County Board will adopt a capital plan for the next 10 years.  Below we've outlined what is included in the plan (from a transportation standpoint) and notable absences from the plan. Please email the County Board and show your support for what you like that's in the plan, and advocate for the inclusion of what is not.

In the Plan


  • MetroRail Operating & Capital Needs
  • ART Operations & Maintenance Facility - facility complete Fall ‘24 / EV infrastructure complete Fall ‘25 $95m total, $27.4m in this CIP
  • Replacing all ART Buses with Battery Electric Buses $134.2m including $25 million in LOCAL FUNDING that could be used for numerous Complete Streets projects
  • ART Fleet Replacement (replacing buses at EOL) $67.7m
  • ART Fleet Expansion (buying 15 new buses to enhance service) $13.5m
  • EFC Bus Bay Expansion ($8.6m) - complete Fall ‘26
  • Shirlington Transit Station Expansion ($11.9m) - FY2030
  • NaLa Transitway Extension $23.8m - Complete Spring ‘26
  • Crystal City Metro 2nd Entrance $146.1m, $127.1m this CIP.  Complete Spring ‘27
  • Ballston Metro 2nd Entrance $181m, $177m this CIP, Complete Summer ‘29
  • Courthouse Metro 2nd Elevators $57.5m, Spring ‘31
  • East Falls Church Metro 2nd Entrance, $1m, construction beyond CIP horizon
  • Bus Stop ADA Improvements, $10m

BikeArlington/WalkArlington Capital:

Columbia Pike Corridor:

Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor:

Crystal City / Pentagon City Streets:

Langston Boulevard Corridor:

  • Langston Multimodal Improvements $50m to implement projects identified in two Langston Multimodal Studies (see studies section)

Improvements Outside Major Corridors:

  • Arlington Blvd / Washington Blvd Interchange $10m, FY2029
  • Four Mile Run Corridor Improvements $9m, FY2028
  • Military Road at Nelly Custis Dr Roundabout $4m, FY2026
  • North Sycamore St $4m, FY2028
  • Pershing Dr Barton to Washington Blvd $3m, FY2027
  • South Carlin Springs Rd Sidewalk Improvements $2m, FY2026
  • South George Mason - 50 to CP $13m, FY2028
  • South George Mason & 4MRD - $13m, FY2031
  • South George Mason - CP to Fairfax - $10m+, FY2037

Vision Zero:

  • System Studies / Improvements $15m
  • Arterial Studies / Improvements $5m
  • Capital Program Funding $6m


  • Columbia Pike Bike Boulevards Study (Timing unclear)
  • Custis Trail Renovation Study (FY 2025)
  • Four Mile Run Trail Crossing at Shirlington Road (FY 2025)
  • Langston Multimodal Study, Areas 2&3 (FY 2026)
  • Langston Multimodal Study, Area 5 (FY 2025)
  • Carlin Springs Road Corridor Study (FY 2027)
  • Fairfax / 10th St Corridor Study (FY 2027)
  • South Hayes Street Study (FY 2028)
  • Shirlington Road Multimodal Study (FY 2029)
  • Glebe Road Corridor Multimodal Study (FY 2029)
  • Kenmore MS Trail Study (FY 2029)
  • Wilson Boulevard Multimodal Study (FY 2030)
  • North George Mason Drive Study (FY 2030)

Notable Absences:

Email countyboard@arlingtonva.us with your feedback, or sign up to speak TONIGHT at the County Board Public Hearing. 

In-Person: 2100 Clarendon Blvd, 3rd Floor, right by the elevator.
Virtually: Via Microsoft Teams.  The Teams link is on the receipt when you submit the signup form as well as sent to you via your email receipt after submitting the signup form.

Suggested Talking Points

  • $25 million in LOCAL money to needlessly replace working buses with EV buses that have a shorter range and require additional infrastructure is a waste of important transportation funds that could be rebuilding our streets to be safer and enabling people to get around via active transportation.
  • We have many more street redesign needs than we are able to accommodate in this CIP - Fairfax Drive,  Carlin Springs Road, rebuilding the Custis Trail, expanding our trail network, etc.  We need our congressional delegation to restore our NVTA Local funds that were diverted to Metro!
  • Customize with projects from above that you support or oppose! We think Courthouse Multimodal, Protected Bike Lanes on 15th St between Hayes and Elm in Pentagon City, and a Complete Streets project on Fairfax Drive from Glebe to Clarendon Circle deserve specific mention.