Level of Effort: 5 minutes, at home in your PJs
Deadline: Sun 8/7, 11:59pm

Re-imagining South George Mason Drive is an incredible opportunity - to make an arterial road that cuts through residential and equity-emphasis areas safer and more sustainable, to create a low-stress north-south connection for people using bikes, scooters, and assistive mobility devices, and to bring neighborhoods back together that have been severed by this often-difficult-to-cross road.

After asking for feedback on "existing conditions" back in April, the County has released concept plans for community feedback.  One features protected bike lanes, additional plantings, and a wider sidewalk at the expense of a lot of parking; the other features a trail-width sidewalk and additional plantings but saves some parking. Both continue to feature four travel lanes for car travel.

We are excited to see that both concepts feature improved facilities for people walking, rolling, biking & scooting, but are very disappointed that both concepts continue to feature four automotive travel lanes.  We are committed to achieving a vision for George Mason Drive that allows safe & sustainable travel not just along George Mason Drive, but across it.  Achieving safe crossings will be made much more difficult by the retention of four automotive travel lanes.

Overall, we strongly prefer Concept A (with protected bike lanes) for the following reasons:

  • Better for pedestrians - less conflict with bikes & scooters
  • Better for bikes & scooters - better visibility / riding in a place where faster vehicles are expected by drivers (in the street vs on the sidewalk/trail)
  • Better for transit users - this alt requires new bus stop infrastructure to avoid conflict with the bike lanes meaning buses will be able to stop in the travel lane, speeding up transit operations & getting bus riders to their destination faster
  • Better for drivers - puts bikes & scooters where they are more visible & expected, making driving safely easier and more straightforward; likely to attract more people to walking & biking freeing up capacity in the driving lanes

Speak up for a safe and sustainable George Mason Drive, TAKE ACTION today!

For each of the three sections:

  1. Priorities - choose "Sidewalks, Transit stops, Dedicated bikeway" - order as you see fit.
  2. Benefits - choose Concept A for everything except, possibly, Parking & Green space / stormwater management.
  3. Preferred Alternative - choose Concept A, Separated Bike Lane
  4. Additional Feedback:
    • Prefer separate dedicated spaces for those biking & walking, as in Concept A, to prevent conflict between those users.
    • Concerned that turning drivers and drivers backing out of driveways will not be looking for / expecting bikes on a sidewalk/trail as they would be in Concept B
    • Concerned that retaining four automotive travel lanes will make it difficult and/or expensive to create safe crossings of George Mason Drive.
    • Concerned that retaining four automotive travel lanes will make it difficult and/or impossible to deter speeding.