Level of Effort: 15 minutes, at home in your PJs
Deadline: Sunday 5/1 11:59pm

Right now, George Mason Drive really only works for cars.  It is difficult to cross, traffic goes fast, sidewalks are narrow, and facilities for bikes & scooters are few, disconnected, and unprotected.  Thanks to previous hard work adopting Arlington's new bike plan and Vizion Zero Plan, the County has kicked-off a study to look at how George Mason Drive could be made to work for all users.

Due to topography, Four Mile Run, and the W&OD Trail right-of-way, there are few good North-South connectors in this area of South Arlington.  George Mason Drive is a critical link for people trying to walk & bike to Wakefield High School, Randolph Elementary School, Barcroft Park, Alcova Heights Park, the National Foreign Affairs Training Center, and more.

While ALL comments are welcome, we think feedback about the difficulty moving ALONG George Mason Drive (as opposed to crossing it) are the most important things that staff & the consultant need to hear.  Tell staff where you'd like to go and why you don't feel safe, comfortable, or able to do so right now.

Take Action now via the online feedback form, attend a walking tour & give your feedback then, or both!