Level of Effort: Generally 1+ Years of Monthly Meetings

The Arlington County Board has many different advisory boards, called Commissions, who regularly advise the Board on how they should vote on various issues that come before them.  Many regional bodies, such as the Transportation Policy Board, also have advisory bodies made up of regular citizens.

In our opinion, "advising" and "advocacy" go hand-in-hand - both are necessary to move the ball forward effectively on Sustainable Mobility.  If you're looking to do more than just fill out forms and send emails to make Arlington a better place, serving on a Commission or regional advisory board might be just the thing for you.

Here are a few positions that are open now, or will be in the immediate future:

  • Arlington Climate Change, Energy, and Environment Commission - advises the County Board on Climate Change & Energy Issues.  Could use more pro-walking & biking folks to temper the enthusiasm of the "electric cars will save us" crowd.  Has at least one current vacancy.
  • Arlington Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission - advises the County Board on the Budget & Capital Plan.  A great position from which to advocate for more money for walking, biking & transit. Has at least one current vacancy.
  • Arlington Forestry and Natural Resources Commission - advises the County Board on forestry and natural resource issues.  Could use some more folks who recognize that cutting down a few trees to drastically expand people's ability to walk & bike where they're going is a win for the environment. Has at least one current vacancy.
  • Arlington Park and Recreation Commission - advises the County Board on parks.  Could use some additional folks who see people on bikes as legitimate park users, not intruders. Has at least one current vacancy.
  • Arlington Transportation Commission - advises the County on all things Transportation.  Pretty great, but always looking for more folks who are great. Has at one current vacancy.
  • Transportation Policy Board's (TPB's) Citizen Advisory Council (CAC) - advises the Regional Transportation Policy Board.  Best for policy nerds interested in the big picture.  Needs someone who will fight for transit, transit-oriented development, and understands how policies, metrics, and processes can structurally shape project selection and construction across the region. Currently dominated by car-centric exurbians and the asphalt lobby. Applications open this Fall.

Apply directly for an Arlington Commission using the button below, or reach out to us at hello@susmo.org with any questions, if you're interested in the TPB position, or if you just want to talk through what being on a commission is like.