Level of Effort: 5 minutes, at home, in your PJs
Deadline: Sun 5/19 11:59pm

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority distributed hundreds of millions of dollars of transportation funding each year to projects with regional significance.  Some jurisdictions submit great transit and safety projects, other submit needless highway widening and road expansions that sabotage our climate goals.  Speak up today for some great projects from Arlington, Alexandria, and VRE!

We recommend commenting support for the following projects:

  • ARL-023 — CC2DCA Multimodal Connection
  • ARL-022 — Shirlington Bus Station Expansion
  • ALX-029 — Safety Improvements at High-Crash Intersections
  • ALX-032 — South Van Dorn Street Bridge Enhancements
  • ALX-033 — Alexandria Metroway Enhancements
  • VRE-017 — VRE Backlick Road Station Improvements

Here are some potential talking points:

ARL-023: SUPPORT! CC2DCA would dramatically improve non-car access to National Airport.  CC2DCA would put DCA in easy reach for those who: live in Crystal City, live near the MetroWay BRT system, live near the Mt Vernon Trail or a connecting trail, live near a VRE Station, and eventually even anywhere served by Regional Amtrak.

ARL-022: SUPPORT! The current size and configuration of the Shirlington Bus Station is a barrier to adding new bus service.

ALX-029: SUPPORT! Safety should be priority one.

ALX-032: SUPPORT! This project would dramatically improve walking and biking access to MetroRail.

ALX-033: SUPPORT! This project would close a gap in the MetroWay dedicated bus lanes which will be more important as HQ2 and Potomac Yard build out.

VRE-017: SUPPORT! Backlick Road is an important station and it needs to be able to hand full-length VRE trains.