Level of Effort: 5 minutes, at home in your PJs
Deadline: Sun 5/15 11:59pm

As part of Vision Zero, Arlington has piloted "School Slow Zones" at several schools throughout the county.  These zones feature permanent 20mph speed limits, high visibility crosswalks, and additional signage.  While we think designing these streets for slower speeds and adding automated enforcement are critical missing pieces of the safety strategy on our streets, we think these School Slow Zones are an important first step and very worthy of our support.

These zones are a pilot project and the county is looking at how they have worked since implementation.  This includes both comparing before and after vehicle speeds, but also a user survey about how these slow zones are working for users.  If you've walked, biked, scooted, driven, or taken a bus through one of these new zones, be sure to weigh in!