Speeding up our buses is great for both riders and the County.  The faster a bus route is to complete, the faster a rider gets where they are going and also the fewer buses and drivers are needed to achieve frequent service.  Simple upgrades like transit signal priority, all-door boarding, and floating bus islands can drastically reduce the amount of time our buses spend stopped and get everyone to their destination faster and more reliably.

Ultimate Goal: Transit Signal Priority and All-Door Boarding on all of Arlington's bus routes that are on the Primary Transit Network.

Current Goal: Implementation of Transit Signal Priority on at least one corridor by the end of 2023.

Detailed Status: Preparing a push as part of the Capital Improvement Plan feedback process in Spring 2022.

Campaign Timeline

Build Back Better

Faster Transit was one of the 5 main focuses of our 2021 Build Back Better capital campaign.  It called for Transit Signal Priority, progress toward All-Door Boarding, extending the Potomac Yard Transitway to Pentagon City, and launching a feasibility study of managed lanes on Columbia Pike.

Contract Awarded for Transitway Extension Phase 1

A contract was awarded for Phase 1 of the Transitway extension to Pentagon City.