Level of Effort: 5 minutes, at home in your PJs

The W&OD Trail sees a lot of use - both as a recreational amenity and as a transportation artery.  These many users also often come into conflict due to differing speeds.  Building on the success of the Dual Trails project in Falls Church, NOVA Parks applied for funding in 2019 to design and build upgrades to the W&OD Trail between Roosevelt St & Carlin Springs Rd in Arlington.  This project could both improve safety and comfort for trail users by reducing conflicts between users, as well as implement a more sustainable design that slows and filters stormwater.

The existing trail was built before stormwater regulations and in many places sends its runoff directly into the nearby stream.  The Dual Trails project in Falls Church, for instance, implemented a modular stormwater system that increased the park's ability to slow and filter stormwater.

Due to past concerns about public engagement and environmental review, the County Board is making acceptance of the design money for the project contingent on NOVAParks signing a Memorandum of Agreement in which NOVAParks must agree to do public engagement that is up to Arlington's standards, review & update trail counts & safety issues, analyze stormwater impacts, tree canopy impacts, etc.

Despite the fact that there is no design yet and despite the new MoA requiring public engagement and environmental review and despite the fact that NOVA Parks cannot receive NVTA grant money for construction without County Board approval, we expect NIMBY opposition and your support is critically important. Once the vote is scheduled we will do an updated alert with details about testifying at the Board meeting, but in the meantime please send emails on your own to countyboard@arlingtonva.us or via our feedback tool below.